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Selection and implementation of ERP systems is time consuming and very expensive. There are a number of published cases of failed ERP systems. One such case is the failure of ERP implementation at Hershey’s that lead to empty candy shelves at a number of retail stores close to Halloween time in the late 1990’s. Research and find cases of other successful and failed ERP implementations. Summarize your findings and discuss some of the critical factors that lead to successful ERP implementations

Reference no: EM131198425

What types of jurisdiction are at play

What claims could she raise and in what court would she raise them? Explain your answer from a jurisdictional standpoint using the above scenario. What types of jurisdiction

Automotive parts manufacturer called neutron

Imagine you work for an automotive parts manufacturer called Neutron that exports to Malaysia's top automobile manufacturer, Proton. You and your colleagues are approached by

Explaining the components and the process of creating report

Write an e-mail employee explaining the components and the process of creating an annual report. Focus strongly on how accounting inputs are formulated into financial report

Exponential smoothing used in forecasting models

Discuss the importance of moving averages such as two or three week averages and exponential smoothing used in forecasting models. Provide a real business application outside

Use the square-root law to estimate reduction in inventory

Restoration Hardware sells antique-design hardware and fixtures from 94 retail stores in malls around the country. Each store currently orders and holds its own inventory dire

What will you do in order to score your promotion

You have been in company A for a 8 years and you just finished your bachlors and are due to a promotion. Your manager who was awaiting your degree completion resigns from the

Current inventory purchasing and management policy

A factory uses 16 tons of raw material each week (assume it works 50 weeks a year, 1 shift, 5 days a week). Each time it buys the raw material from its supplier, it pays a set

Company utilizing the various financial analysis

Use what the case gives you to describe/analyze the company utilizing the various financial analysis. We will utilize these analysis models to strengthen the "Porters Six Forc


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