Law of business organisations
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Law of Business Organisations

Part 1:

Register a Proprietary Limited Company. You should refer to Section 117 of the Corporations Act, complete an application form ,Form 201, and prepare all relevant consents.

You must have a share register for each class of shares - refer to section 169.

Prepare a constitution; see Section 134 & 135 so that your company's internal management is governed by a combination of replaceable rules (NB DO NOT REPRODUCE THE REPLACEABLE RULES IN YOUR ASSIGNEMENT) and a constitution.

The constitution should make a provision for a class of preference shares -refer to section 254A (2) of the Corp. Act


Explain the reason and justification for the following sections of the Corporations Act :- Section 236 & 237, Section 124; and Section 232.

Your explanation of each of the section

WORD LIMIT - 200 words per explain.

2000 words

10 references

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