Law enforcement operations must react to changing conditions

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Law enforcement operations must react to changing conditions, yet they must do so within the bounds of the department's budget. For example, if a serious trend of daytime burglaries in a particular district emerges, the department must use either overtime or reallocate assets to counter the criminal activity. 
Consider the following: 
You are a police chief who has encountered budgeting challenge. Recent criminal activity has required the use of extra officers to counter the crimes, and as a result the entire overtime budget for the department is depleted. The city council has refused to allow any additional funding, so you must decide where the money will be reallocated to allow the continued function of the department.
You are to explain where money from other segments of the budget will be used. Basic categories are personnel, vehicle purchases, equipment and uniform purchases, vehicle maintenance, training, and corrections (the operation of the city jail). Explain which areas will lose funds and how this will allow the funding of overtime for officers. Use the provided City Police Budget as a reference to provide your answer.  

Reference no: EM13226850

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