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Course: Global Business MAN-490 Topic: Culture & Business

Imagine you are the global business development director for a large American Aircraft parts manufacturing firm. You want to make a big sale to an overseas government client. How would you handle a situation where you are doing business with a person from this culture in which gift giving is a routine part of tradition business life? Imagine that your competitors are from other countries, some of which are less concerned about the ethics of gift giving as this book defines it. Discuss if and how you can still win business in such a situation. How would you advise your senior management?

Reference no: EM132280803

Describe the history of one or more minorities

Describe the history of one or more minorities—Native Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, or Arab Americans—in terms of the following patterns:

In terms of the generic competitive strategies model

In terms of the generic competitive strategies model, which of the four strategies often followed by an organization? Do the strategies support the vision, mission, and goals?

What is the total cost of ordering and carrying sugar

A bakery buys sugar in 15-pound bags. The bakery uses 5000 bags of sugar each year. Carrying costs are $20 per bag per year. Ordering costs are estimated at $5 per order. Assu

Identify how a marketing manager might realize

Assume you are marketing manager for target or another brand. How would you apply the four functions of the marketing managermemnt process in your role? In you answer, ident

Potential global risks their business could face

In the gaming laptop industry such as Razer, Asus, and Alienware what are the potential global risks their business could face as well as why and what impact they could have o

Estate first income tax return and estate estate tax return

Each of the following items was incurred by José, the cash basis, calendar year decedent. Under the terms of the will, Dora took immediate ownership in all of Josée’s assets,

Organization structures used in supply chain environments

What exactly is a project? Also, how are projects designed and organized to succeed? What are the different types of projects and organization structures used in supply chain

Effects of power on organizational structure

Effects of power on organizational structure: Identifies sources and effects of power on organizational structure, and Recommends how to evaluate organizational design/strateg


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