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Course: Global Business MAN-490 Topic: Culture & Business

Imagine you are the global business development director for a large American Aircraft parts manufacturing firm. You want to make a big sale to an overseas government client. How would you handle a situation where you are doing business with a person from this culture in which gift giving is a routine part of tradition business life? Imagine that your competitors are from other countries, some of which are less concerned about the ethics of gift giving as this book defines it. Discuss if and how you can still win business in such a situation. How would you advise your senior management?

Reference no: EM132280803

Calculate the expected cost per period

Suppose that at any period of time a photo-  copier machine can either be working properly, in need of maintenance, in need of minor repair, or in need of major  repair.

Ultimate sanction of the greatest happiness morality

What does Mill say is the ultimate sanction of the greatest happiness morality (or utilitarianism)? What is its basis; how did it develop? Also say a bit about how it works. (

R illustrate what range of demand would mechanized process

Over illustrate what range of demand would manual process be preferred over mechanized process. Over illustrate what range of demand would mechanized process be preferred ov

Social responsibility as effective competitive strategy

Evaluate the likelihood of traditional corporations using social responsibility as an effective competitive strategy. Specify at least one (1) way that a company with which yo

Consider trends in society-technology-economics

Look into the future. Consider trends in society, technology, economics, environmentalism, and politics that can influence Ford Motor Company. Be sure to look beyond Ford's cu

What is the reduction in inventory value

A firm has redesigned its production process so that it now takes 8 minutes for a single widget to be made, from the beginning of the process to the end of the process. Using

Describe four trends in the global business environment

Discuss why decisions concerning data structure have a broader impact than decisions concerning hardware and software. Why are information systems essential in business today?

Leadership-specifically-traits-behaviors and attitudes

Analysis of your personal leadership traits, behaviors, and attitudes as well as your overall readiness for leadership. Identify gaps that must be closed in order for you to p


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