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In December, Hilga sells her German language translation business to Chia-Ching. The sales agreement includes a provision that for an extra $6,000, Hilga will not open another German language translation business in the area for two years. Chia-Ching pays Hilga the $6,000 in January. In June, Hilga opens a European language translation business in a neighboring state and advertises it in Chia-Ching's locality. Has Hilga realized income? If so, when does she realize the income?

Reference no: EM13991705

Find that the dry cleaner is positioned above the zone box

Find that the dry cleaner is positioned above the zone box on reliability but below the box on responsiveness. What should you tell the manager of the dry cleaner to do?

Determine the expected value of perfect information

Using the expected payoff criterion, which alternative will be selected and what is its expected monetary value? Determine the expected value of perfect information and inte

Creating new module to be developed for existing project

Mr. John is the Project manager for Defiance project. Scope of the project has been completed. He receives a request for new module to be developed as part of this project.

Value of horizontal component of earth magnetic field

Given   Bsquare coil=1.13 x 10-4*I  (Tesla), what is the value of the horizontal component of Earth's magnetic field, Bearth, (in Gauss), if, at a current I= 0.24 A through a

Update ms project with fixed cost information

Course Project: Week 4 Deliverables | Step 1: Update MS Project With Fixed Cost Information | Step 2: Update MS Project With Variable Cost Information | Step 3: Answer the Fol

Preparing a pro forma income statement

What specific prices, sales volumes, market shares, per pair costs, and profit margins it will probably take to achieve the strategic and financial objectives the company's

Gun manufacturer liability case

Prepare an expert engineer argument for the court on why or why not the gun's manufacturer should be held responsible for a "defectively designed product." Limit to one-half

What are the leadership implications in these circumstances

Does the manager's failure to acknowledge the contributions of his staff constitute an ethical violation? Why or why not and would the answer to this question differ in differ


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