Labor market and unions in the manufacturing industry

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What do you think will happen to the labor market and unions in the manufacturing industry in the next 10 years? Do take into consideration any bailout given by the government during the 2008 financial crisis. Where do you think the demand for labor will be in the coming 10 years - service/retail sector, manufacturing sector, telecommunication sector OR green energy sector? Explain

Reference no: EM13976383

What are some sources of financing for a new business

What are some barriers a company might need to overcome when entering the global market? and What are some sources of financing for a new business? Limit your post to one sour

What is the value of lerner index at profit-maximizing price

Rick sells hamburgers, facing no competition the demand for his burgers is: Q=1000-2P, where Q is the quantity of burgers sold per week and P is the price of a given hamburger

Firm in perfect competition to shut down in the longer run

For a perfectly competitive firm in the short run, are there situations where a company remains in the market even if it cannot cover its average total cost per unit at a part

Pricing strategies associated with cooperative equilibrium

Two firms, 1 and 2, individually choose and simultaneously submit a bid price for a given product. They can submit either a high price or a low price. If both firms bid high,

Calculate amount of consumer-producer surplus in market

Consider the following functions: Qd = -2P + 80 and Qs = P - 10. Further assume that the government has institutes a price floor of $33 in this market. Calculate the amount of

Direct measures to correlate with per capita GDP

Is GDP a Good Measure of Economic Well-Being? If GDP is a good measure of well-being, why is Switzerland’s GDP so much lower than India’s GDP or China’s GDP? What measures wou

Endogenous growth models differ from neoclassical models

What is endogenous growth? How do endogenous growth models differ from the neoclassical models of growth? How do the implications of an increase in saving with regard to both

Purchase the oven with internal financing

Suppose instead that you expect your costs and your prices to increase by 3 percent. But the price of the oven is still $10,000. Do you change your decision about whether to


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