Kruskal wallis test and one way analysis of variance

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Differentiate between the Kruskal-Wallis test and the one-way analysis of variance in terms of their assumptions and the circumstances under which each should be applied.

Reference no: EM131408784

What conditions on the probabilities will get the third

What conditions (if any) on the probabilities and the branches will get the third and fourth moments of one step to agree with those of Brownian motion across the same time

A coin-operated coffee vending machine

A coin-operated coffee vending machine dispenses, on the average, 6 oz of coffee per cup. Can this statement be true of a vending machine that occasionally dispenses only enou

Mean age of uninsured senior citizens

Healthcare issues are receiving much attention in both academic and political arenas. Compute the arithmetic mean age of the uninsured senior citizens to the nearest hundredth

Determine the equation of the line

You are estimating the cost ($K) of optical sensors based on the power output of the sensor. Using the preliminary calculations from a data set of 8 sensors, determine the e

Null and alternative hypothesis-critical values

Identifying H0and Hr in ex 5-12 , examine the given statement , then express the null hypothesis H0 and alternative hypothesis H1 in symbolic form.

How many different blackjack hands are there

In blackjack, the suit of the card is irrelevant to the game. If we do not make a distinction between the different suits, now how many different blackjack hands are there?

What is a type i and type ii errors in hypothesis testing

What is the difference between statistical significance and practical significance? What is a type I and type II errors in hypothesis testing? What would be examples of each?

Determine the sample size needed to be confident

Determine the sample size needed in order to be 99% confident that the sample proportion of the current customer accounts is within .03 of the true proportion of all current


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