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  • "Introduction to Poetry" (Billy Collins, p. 356)
  • "How I Discovered Poetry" (Marilyn Nelson, p. 378)
  • "Poetry Should Ride the Bus" (Ruth Forman, p. 403)
  • "How Poetry comes to Me" (Gary Snyder, p. 421)
  • "Making It In Poetry" (Bob Hicok, p. 438)
  • "Poem" (William Carlos Williams p. 398)

Briefly explicate each poem and discuss how they are similar yet different. How do they collectively accomplish their task (explaining what poetry is). Do they succeed in enhancing your knowledge or appreciation of poetry? Do they intrigue you? How do you react to them? What role do irony, style and tone play in the poem or your understanding of the poem?

750-1000 words, MLA format

Reference no: EM131118900

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