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Adventure Works Cycles, the fictitious company on which the AdventureWorks sample databases are based, is a large, multinational manufacturing company. The  company manufactures and sells metal and composite bicycles to North American, European and Asian commercial markets. While its base operation is located in Bothell, Washington with 290 employees, several regional sales teams are located  throughout their market base.


Design a dimensional model for analysing Purchases for Adventure Works Cycles and implement it as cubes using SQL Server Analysis  Services. The AdventureWorks OLTP sample database is the data source for you BI  analysis. Description of the AdventureWorks databases is available at:

Part A: Business requirements

Discuss the background and objectives of your BI project. Clearly explain the subject areas for your analysis and the data source tables in the OLTP system.
Part B: Key facts

Explain the key facts to achieve the objectives of your analysis. You must include at least two key facts relating to purchases. Elaborate on the granularity for the facts.

Part C: Dimensions 

Describe the dimensions for analysing the key facts as laid out in Part B. Especially you must discuss

_ The hierarchy for each dimension

_ Discuss if there are any conformed dimensions, and then explain the reasons why there are or are not conformed dimensions. 

Part D: Multidimensional Schema

You must present your complete design of multidimensional database design as a Star schema or Snowflake schema

Part E: Implementation

Document your implementation of multidimensional cubes using SQL Server  Analysis services. You must load your data cubes with source data tables in the AdventureWorks OLTP database, as identified in part A. Your implementation should include precisely the dimensions and facts as described in Parts A to D. Your documentation should include screenshots from SQL Server Analysis Services.

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