Key management and financial issues of airasia
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Executive Summary 

This paper provides in-depth analysis of the key management, operational issues & financial issues of AirAsia. AirAsia was founded in 1993 and started functioning in 1996. It was a turbulent start for the AirAsia which had heavy financial losses as it branding itself as Asia lowest cost carrier. It rebranded & launched itself in 2005. SWOT analysis, PESTLE, PORTER, BCG has been done to understand the internal & external factors which are affecting the company. Finally, conclusion is drawn, in discovering the branding & imaging of the company.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Company  Overview
  • Discussion
  • The Competitors
  • Strategic Challenges
  • Analysis of AirAsia Factors
  • SWOT
  • Porter Five Forces
  • Porter Value Chain
  • Marketing Plan
  • Proposed Strategy
  • Conclusion
  • References

Words Limit; 3000-3500

Referenced: 10 Minimum


Started in 2001 but began its operation in 2005 & Tune Air SdnBhd (Tune Air) acquired AirAsia. Ever since its most successful airlines with low-cost carrier & change its image from a loss making to a successful profit Venture centre  It has tagged its brand image of the low-cost carrier.

Now Air Asia is among the top air carriers & has branded its image as a low-cost carrier. It’s on a growth spree since 2005. Expanded globally with the 108 routes & having a fleet globally Thai AirAsia , Indonesia Air Asia, Malaysia etc. Keeping the costs at a bare minimum & making customers happy along with satisfied journey is the basic aim of Air Asia. Its tagline of 'Now Everyone Can Fly', operating in high efficiency which is passed on as a low cost to customers instead of focusing just on profits. Every customer is treated differently & provided a best customized service experience. 


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By evaluating & doing an in-depth analysis like PESTLE, SWOT , BCG, PORTER, Value chain, and marketing analysis, It could be concluded the way AirAsia has been growing & developing it has strategized, positioned well in the market. Having loyal customers is a treat but to every time sustain their expectations is always a task which should be done through with efficient TAT. AirAsia should rethink about its core competencies. AirAsia should diversify more, have more products, services, merchandise & promote on a larger scale.

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