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The Campbell Soup Co. is still one of the world oldest and best-known global food companies. This company also owns many other well-known brands that are not associated with a soup product. In 2001, the company's profits and stock price plunged due to loss of market percentage and a decrease in demand for several key products. The CEO, Douglas Conant, took an almost textbook approach to rebuilding the company, and he achieved remarkable success.

  • Summarize the key findings of the SWOT analysis done by Conant. Explain why they are "key" findings.

  • Which of following term or terms best describes the strategy or strategies that Conant implemented at the Campbell Soup Co.? Why?

    • Low-cost

    • Differentiation

    • Focus low-cost

    • Focused differentiation

    • Related differentiation

  • Was the Campbell Soup Co. vertically integrated? If it was, was it backwards or forward integrated? Explain your reasoning.

  • In your opinion, what do you think were the strengths and weaknesses of Conant's strategic decisions?

Reference no: EM13721541

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