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Emerging Performance Management Topics

The field of performance measurement and management is an evolving one, and many theories have been proposed to effectively monitor performance and quality. As the business environment becomes increasingly competitive and global in nature, and as new social and environmental factors come into play, research that addresses critical issues in financial and performance management will become more important as organisations strive to meet objectives and remain competitive. Areas of research such as sustainability, ethics and performance of government and non-profit organisations are but a few examples.

As a student of a graduate programme, you will routinely review published research that aims to contribute new and emerging ideas to your field of study. As a professional, you will be expected to evaluate the value and applicability of new and emerging ideas to your organisation. This activity gives you an opportunity to identify emerging issues and discuss their implications for your current and future leadership roles.

To prepare for this Activity:

Review current research published in recent (within the past 5 years) academic journal articles focusing on emergent performance management topics. These might include topics related to sustainability, ethics or any efforts to spark innovation in the field.

To complete this Activity:

Create a post that presents your view of one or two key emerging performance management topics in current academic or professional debates. Provide references. Present the topics discussed in the articles and explain their importance to the field of study.

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Reference no: EM13672725

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