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1. Numbers play a significant role in a person's daily life whether they realize it or not.

2. In comparison to organizational operations management, people are inclined to manage their personal lives in accordance with systematic maintenance of record keeping. Although most people do not keep accurate records on personal repetitive flows of functioning, however, this article illustrates that individuals can manage time more efficiently through proper prioritization.

3. In the beginning of the article the author compares and contrast the human brain against computers and how people in general have serious issues with focus and how we tend to utilize stimulants that ultimately do more harm to our mental acuity than we initially thought. This article raised awareness about the dangers of coffee in some regard which changes the way I personally feel about drinking coffee.

4. People in general are more likely to be easily distracted. Generating enough data about various activities during the day will enable a person to become more focused on the initial task thus alleviating menial tasks that are of low priority.

5. This article does not specifically correlate operations management with accounting and finance, however, it does offer insight about the importance of maintaining accountability of one's actions on a personal basis. The author emphasizes that everything we do personally or professionally is equated to a mathematical formula and if we learn how to manage our time and the processes we integrate we will begin to answer questions that relate to what we are doing and why.

6. In essence, this article illustrates the importance of knowing the logic behind every action which is in my opinion directly aligned with operations management in which case we as human beings are naturally obligated to manage how we operate. The author used examples in the article regarding individuals who monitor steps, heart rate, etc. during exercise which helped me come up with this conclusion.

7. I also found it fascinating when the author referred to an individual that was having difficulty concentrating or focusing on various projects which reminded me of the movie "Limitless" in which case the protagonist also have the same issue. I thought it was interesting that the author stated that when he wanted to remain focused he initially weaned himself off of coffee and Sophie Barbier discovered that tryptophan enabled her to become more focused in addition to strengthening her sleep patterns. Which raised a question, could it be that Barbier was able to become more focused as a result of having better sleep and reducing the pattern of insomnia which contributes to lack of focus.

8. Another interesting fact identified in this document is the fact that our brain has the ability to do much more in terms of handling large quantities of information, unfortunately people in general place great limitations on mental capabilities. During Albert Einstein's youth and beyond he periodically engaged in thought experiments that enabled him to develop various theories within and beyond the realm of physics. According to the author of this article he insinuates that people are lackadaisical in terms of broadening the scope of understanding and expanding their mind to new methodologies and theoretical applications. Operations management, accounting and finance have one thing in common and that is change implementation which is critical part of sustainability. This article however, addresses the sustainability of implementing change and embodying a paradigm shift of integrating bookkeeping methods into ones personal life for developmental purposes.

Reference no: EM1348683

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