Just-in-time is an inventory control policy

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Just-in-Time came to the United States as an adaptation of the Toyota Production System. When it first came to the United States, it was deemed to be Zero Inventories, although Taiichi Ohno actually called the process "Lean."

Discuss the basics of Just-in-Time using an example from the industry. Further, justify whether Just-in-Time is an inventory control policy or a process improvement methodology. Also, examine if it can be both.

Reference no: EM1384066

Responsibilities of critical thinker to contemporary society

The Final Research Project will present research relating the responsibilities of a critical thinker to contemporary society. In this assignment, you will do the following:

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Explain why do you think Starbucks has now elected to expand internationally primarily through local joint ventures, to whom it licenses its format, as opposed to a pure lic

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From the e-Activity, assess how well the communication process worked in this specific negotiation. Determine the impact of the barriers to communication in this particular

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For project managers, the larger the project team, the greater the complexity and the more time spent communicating. What's more, it always costs more and generates far more w

Business certificate in leadership

Success University (SU) is a medium sized undergraduate institution located in Southern California.  SU offers Associates and Bachelors programs in Business, Psychology and

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TaleTattle Tale Harvard Case Assume that TJ has decided to report to the course professor on his own and proceeded to do so without informing the rest of the group. What are t

Leadership-specifically-traits-behaviors and attitudes

Analysis of your personal leadership traits, behaviors, and attitudes as well as your overall readiness for leadership. Identify gaps that must be closed in order for you to p


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