Journalize the transactions that occurred in september 2015
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Journalize the transactions that occurred in September 2015 for Aquamarines. No explanations are needed. Identify each accounts payable andaccounts receivable with the vendor or customer name.Sep. 10 Cash $4,455

Sep. 3 Purchased merchandise inventory on account from Shallin Wholesalers, $5,000.
Terms 1/15, n/EOM, FOB shipping point.

4 Paid freight bill of $80 on September 3 purchase.

4 Purchased merchandise inventory for cash of $1,700.

6 Returned $500 of inventory from September 3 purchase.

8 Sold merchandise inventory to Hermosa Company, $6,000, on account. Terms
2/15, n/35. Cost of goods, $2,640.

9 Purchased merchandise inventory on account from Thomas Wholesalers,$8,000.
Terms 2/10, n/30, FOB destination.

10 Made payment to Shallin Wholesalers for goods purchased on September 3,less return and

12 Received payment from Hermosa Company, less discount.

13 After negotiations, received a $200 allowance from Thomas Wholesalers.

15 Sold merchandise inventory to Jordan Company, $2,500, on account. Terms1/10, n/EOM.
Cost of goods, $1,050.

22 Made payment, less allowance, to Thomas Wholesalers for goods purchased onSeptember 9.

23 Jordan Company returned $400 of the merchandise sold on September 15.Cost of goods, $160.

25 Sold merchandise inventory to Smithsons for $1,100 on account that cost$400. Terms of 2/10,
n/30 were offered, FOB shipping point. As a courtesy toSmithsons, $75 of freight was added to
the invoice for which cash was paid byAquamarines.

26 After negotiations, granted a $100 allowance to Smithsons for merchandisepurchased on
September 25.

29 Received payment from Smithsons, less allowance and discount.

30 Received payment from Jordan Company, less return.

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