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Journal 2 Specifications

General Information about journal 1 & 2. You are required to choose an organisation/business (public or non public department with a professional website) of your choice. Your task is to produce two journals to demonstrate your understanding of digital innovations in this chosen organisation/business. Your focus will be on organisational, management, technological, integration, and implementation issues associated with digital innovation. You should discuss these with the strategic alignment of digital innovations in the selected organisation/business. It is important to synthesize your critical analysis while providing the potential solution and recommendations for the selected organisation/business.

Journal 2

Write a report of 800 words to demonstrate your understanding of the implementation aspects of digital innovation in the selected organisation/Business. Your journal should cover following aspects:

1. Use a framework to assess the organisations current digital innovation.

2. Going through this framework and discuss the issues uncovered through the assessment.

3. From the issues identified discuss how the proposed digital innovation could assist in solving the issues.

4. Use the same framework to reassess the proposed digital innovation.

5. Perform a cost benefit analysis, integration analysis to existing products or processes, and implementation analyses for the proposed digital innovation.



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Advancement of technology and digitalization has created various business opportunities in the retail market to overcome social challenges by providing them with high quality products and making shopping easier for the customers. Woolworths Limited is one of the major competitors in the Australian supermarket industry dealing in the wide range of groceries, toiletries, dairy products, bakery items, fruits and veggies including all daily purpose merchandise. Woolworths generates maximum revenue through its operations and also helps to contribute towards the major portion of GDP of the economy.

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