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ACT360  Module 3 Critical Thinking

Complete the following exercise. Submit journal entries in an Excel file and written segments in an MS Word document. Label each question clearly. For written answers, please make sure your responses are well-written, formatted per CSU-Global guidelines for APA Style, and have proper citation(s), if needed.

Johnny Bravo Company began operations in 2012 and has provided the following information.

1. Pretax financial income for 2012 is $100,000.
2. The tax rate enacted for 2012 and future years is 40%.
3. Differences between the 2012 income statement and tax return are listed below.

(a) Warranty expense accrued for financial reporting purposes amounts to $5,000. Warranty deductions
per the tax return amount to $2,000.
(b) Gross profit on construction contracts using the percentage-of-completion method for book purposes
amounts to $92,000. Gross profit on construction contracts for tax purposes amounts to $62,000.
(c) Depreciation of property, plant, and equipment for financial reporting purposes amounts to $60,000.
Depreciation of these assets amounts to $80,000 for the tax return.
(d) A $3,500 fine paid for violation of pollution laws was deducted in computing pretax financial income.
(e) Interest revenue earned on an investment in tax-exempt municipal bonds amounts to $1,400.

4. Taxable income is expected for the next few years.

  1. Use the spreadsheet Journal Entries to prepare the journal entry to record income tax expense, deferred taxes, and income taxes payable for 2012.
  2. Draft the income tax expense section of the income statement, beginning with "Income before income taxes"




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