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When China reformed state-owned enterprises, it tried a new approach to choosing managers: it put managerial jobs up for auction. The bids for the jobs consisted of promises of future profit streams that the managers would generate and then deliver to the state. In cases where the incumbent manager was the winning bidder, firm productivity tended to increase dramatically. When outside bidders won, there was little productivity improvement. If incumbent managers were not generally more qualified, how can you explain this result?

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Reference no: EM13974688

Consider an individual whose utility function

Consider an individual whose utility function is U = X0.5Y0.5. If she consumes 3 units of X and 4 units of Y, then some level of utility will be experienced. If the individual

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In turkey, many shopping mall owners charge different rental rates on their tenants. The shops of local and relatively unknown brands pay higher rental rates per square meter

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Suppose that Taher's pizza business operates under competitive conditions and that his short-run production function is q=20^E. What happens to the quantity of labor he demand

What is the rate of inflation of the us dollar

What is the rate of inflation of the U.S. dollar is 5% and the rate of inflation of the Japanese yen is 2%. What is the percent change in the real $/Y exchange rate.

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Suppose that a company has a fixed proportions production function that requires it to use two machines and one worker to produce 1000 units per hour. What is the average and

Appropriate policy to reverse this trend

Assume the U.S. government wants to hold the value of the dollar at $1.00 U.S. equals 1000 Japanese yen, but finds that the value of yen is appreciating against the U.S. dolla


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