Job satisfaction is a positive feeling about a job

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Job satisfaction is a positive feeling about a job. This is a subjective phenomenon; still there are some discrete factors that play an important role in job satisfaction. Read the below mentioned situation and answer the questions accordingly.

Mr. Jack has recently joined a car manufacturing company as a sales representative. He is talented, proactive, punctual, hardworking and always able to meets the sales targets. Unfortunately his supervisor Mr. John has personal grievances with him. He always tries to let him down by finding and forwarding even small errors to the higher management. On contrary, the other employees of the same department are praised and rewarded promptly. This situation affected Mr. Jack deeply when few subordinates got the promotions. As a result, he loses his interest in the job that result in excessive absenteeism and low efficiency.

Looking at the case of Mr. Jack:

Q.1: Write down all possible factors that could lead to job satisfaction or dissatisfaction of employees in an organization

Q.2: What methods should be adopted by Mr. Jack to express his dissatisfaction and concerns to higher management?

Reference no: EM13333811

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