Job enrichment is the process of increasing

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1. Job enrichment is the process of increasing the number of operations an individual performs, and has proven to be more successful at raising job satisfaction than job rotation programs.

  True or False

2. According to Herzberg, the work itself should be considered a motivating factor.

   True or False

3. The theory based on the concept that individuals compare their inputs and outcomes with other people to determine if they are being treated fairly is:

a. Equity theory

b. ERG theory

c. Acquired Needs theory

d. Porter-Lawler Theory of Motivation

e. Expectancy theory

4. Under Likert's Management System, the System 3 style of management is characterized by complete trust and confidence in subordinates.

   True or False

5. An individual's early experiences will determine which of McClelland's three needs are the most highly developed, and therefore dominate their personality.

   True or False

Reference no: EM13991803

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