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For August, Busters Consulting and Mediation Practice(BCMP) worked 900 hours for Quebec company and 2,100 hours for Ontario Corporation. BCMP bills clients at rate of $300 per hour; labor cost for it's consulting staff is $150 per hour. The total number of hours worked in September was 3,000, and overhead costs were $45,000. Overhead is applied to clients at $18 per labor-hour. In addition, BCMP had $180,000 in marketing and administrative costs. All transactions are on account. All services were billed.

a. Show labor and overhead cost flows through t-accounts.

b. Prepare an income statement for the company for August.

Reference no: EM1346894

If the company increases production

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Compute the missing amounts and prepare firms july report

a. Direct material is added at the beginning of the production process, and conversion activity occurs uniformly throughout the process.b. The company uses weighted-average pr

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Determine the contribution margin for this practice. Determine the accounting break even point in the terms of number of Enrollees. Determine the economic break even point in

Discuss why activity rates are important to management

Activity-based costing differs from traditional costing systems in a number of ways. In activity-based costing, non-manufacturing as well as manufacturing costs may be assig


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