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JOB ATTITUDES AND SATISFACTION David Clark is the vice president of global marketing for MTV. His job often consists of traveling around the globe to promote the channel as well as to keep up with the global music scene. If he is not traveling (Clark typically logs 200,000 miles a year), a typical day consists of waking at 6:30 a.m. and immediately responding to numerous messages that have accumulated over the course of the night. He then goes to Case Incident 2 91 his office, where throughout the day he responds to another 500 or so messages from clients around the world. If he’s lucky, he gets to spend an hour a day with his son, but then it’s back to work until he finally goes to bed around midnight. Says Clark, “There are plenty of people who would love to have this job. They’re knocking on the door all the time. So that’s motivating.” Many individuals would balk at the prospect of a 60-hour or more workweek with constant traveling and little time for anything else. Some individuals are exhilarated by it. But the demands of such jobs are clearly not for everyone. Many quit, with turnover levels at 55 percent for consultants and 30 percent for investment bankers, according to . However, clearly such jobs, while time-consuming and often stressful, can be satisfying to some individuals.

Suggest other ways that can raise job satisfaction in this case.

Reference no: EM132280911

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