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For this assignment, you are to perform a job analysis for the position of a personnel management officer within your fire department. A job analysis is the process of determining the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) required for performing jobs in an organization. It provides a summary of a job's duties and responsibilities, its relationship to other jobs, the knowledge and skills required, and the working conditions under which the job is performed.

You should rely on your experience, information from Chapter 4 of the textbook, or both to complete this activity. The job
analysis should contain the following headings:

Class Specification-

1. Definition of Class
2. Personnel Management Skills
3. Conflict Management Skills
4. Coaching and Mentoring Skills
5. Examples of Duties
6. Minimum Qualifications

a. Define your organizations minimum qualifications

The assignment should be minimum two pages; however, each section should be thoroughly discussed and delineated, using examples  when necessary.


Reference no: EM131013357

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