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Jesse is a resident of New Jersey who works in New York City. He also owns rental property in South Carolina. During 2010, he pays the following taxes:

New Jersey state estimated tax payments


New York City income tax  withheld


New York State income tax withheld


Federal income tax withheld


Property tax-New Jersey home


South Carolina income taxes paid when filing 2009 tax return


South Carolina estimated tax payments


Gasoline taxes


Excise taxes


During 2010, Jesse's 2008 New York State and New York City tax returns are aud- ited. Based on the audit, he pays an additional $250 in New York City taxes but receives a refund of $185 in New York State taxes. He also has to pay a $40 penalty and interest of $12 to New York City. However, he receives interest of $16 from New York State. What is Jesse's allowable deduction for taxes for 2010?

Reference no: EM13991869

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