Jake thinks he has sexual harassment claim

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1. Terrence, an adult, enters into a contract with Bobby, a 16-year-old. before either party changes position, Bobby's parents find out and tell Terence the deal is off. Can Terrence enforce the contract?

2. Jake thinks he has a sexual harassment claim based on federal law against his employer. Jake resides in Texas, and his employer also resides in Texas. Jake's damages are 60,000. can Jake sue in federal court? why or why not?

Reference no: EM132184594

Introduction of toyoto automobile industry

Introduction of Toyoto automobile Industry? It's current size and revenues since past few years. Number of competitors the company has? And how do porter's five forces model a

Valuation-what is the current value of vandells stock

Hastings Corporation is interested in acquiring Vandell Corporation. Vandell has 1 million shares outstanding and a target capital structure consisting of 30% debt. Vandell's

Target market and specify its mains competitors in segment

Describe Mistine’s target market(s), and specify its mains competitors in each segment. Based on the SWOT analysis provided in the case, what are the key issues Mistine should

Ready to award contracts for printing its annual report

Gulf Coast Electronics is ready to award contracts for printing its annual report. For the past several years, Johnson Printing and Lakeside Litho printed the four-color annua

Communication skills that business leaders seek

Describe the top ten communication skills that business leaders seek citing any references used other than the textbook.. Of those, list two of which you feel you have a stron

Describes the management science study summarized

Read the referenced article that fully describes the management science study summarized in the application vignette presented in Section 6.1. Briefly describe how the model f

Discriminate between average consumers and good consumers

The service industry has become the cornerstone of the US economy. Customer service has become the defining element of many businesses. In today’s market certain industries di

Contract to contain all required elements of your contract

Prepare a written contract with Connect to Web Also making the offer ( the offer or) In your contract address the following The service sough ( Internet service) 2 The monthly


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