Jake thinks he has sexual harassment claim

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1. Terrence, an adult, enters into a contract with Bobby, a 16-year-old. before either party changes position, Bobby's parents find out and tell Terence the deal is off. Can Terrence enforce the contract?

2. Jake thinks he has a sexual harassment claim based on federal law against his employer. Jake resides in Texas, and his employer also resides in Texas. Jake's damages are 60,000. can Jake sue in federal court? why or why not?

Reference no: EM132184594

What incentives to promote organizational change

People respond to incentives, especially when those incentives are important to them on a personal level. As a manager or leader, what incentives to promote organizational cha

Job order cost system facilitates understanding

Describe in your own words how a job order cost system facilitates understanding how much it cost to produce a given unit of product – for example, a machine or a house. In wh

Using constitutional and employment law as a lens

Get Fit is an up and coming comprehensive fitness facility which hopes to one day compete with the likes of Gold's Gym and Planet Fitness. However, the recent economic downtur

Make special efforts to hire individuals who are disabled

Do you feel comfortable being around people with disabilities? Should organizations make special efforts to hire individuals who are disabled? Are organizations that hire work

What is the break-even point in dollars of sales

A firm is selling two products, chairs and bar stools, each at $60 per unit. Chairs have a variable cost of $30, and bar stools $25. Fixed cost for the firm is $21,000.  If th

What are the annual ordering costs-economic order quantity

Southeastern Bell stocks a certain switch connector at its central warehouse for supplying field service offices. The yearly demand for these connectors is 14 comma 90014,900

An increase in total variable cost usually indicates

An increase in total variable cost usually indicates: Which of the following is MOST LIKELY a fixed cost? Which of the following best describes a step cost? Which of the follo

Find the cost advantage of better location

A manufacturing firm is considering two locations for a plant to produce a new product. The two locations have fixed and variable costs as follows: Atlanta: fixed costs (annua


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