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Course Name: Operations and Supply Chain Management

Literature Review subject: Sustainability in Operations

This order is to prepare a literature review of 3 pages or more about 'Sustainability in operations'. You need to use from 8 to 10 references.Deadline should be within one day only.

The objective of the literature review is to explore the following items:

  • The operational challenges from the sustainability of operation perspectives.
  • The best practices in management and operations and wether it applies ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 and 27001.
  • Sustainability and environmental issues (including the security and safety issues in its policies and procedures).
  • Operational challenges in the era of globalization and how to keep sustainability and balance between the profitability issues and social responsibilities and green practices.
  • An obstacle that may face the organizations in implementing their sustainable polices and how they might mitigate them.
  • Anything related to the subject.

For your information only

For the same topic (Sustainable practices on the performance of hotels supply chains and its Impacts), we conducted a survey and you can find it attached, for you to have an idea about the literature review subject.


The survey includes some questions about the following variables & Supply chain performance:

Variables include:

1.       Environmental Policy

  • Publicly declare the hotel's specific environmental policy
  • Widely promote the hotel's environmental policy to all employees, customers, and suppliers
  • Environmental policy meets current environmental regulations (wastewater discharge, etc.)

2.       Resource Management Policy

  • Regularly maintain and clean ventilation, air conditioning, heating, and cooking equipments
  • Use electric equipment that meets power-saving standards
  • Install water leak detection system, and provide for quick leak repair

3.       Waste Management Policy

  • Minimize food wasting through appropriate distribution, storage, and management systems
  • Use electronic versions to transfer and save data in order to decrease paper consumption and waste
  • Avoid using disposable items (e.g., disposable tableware. . .)

4.       Social Responsibility 

  • Promote the green hotel concept
  • Actively involved in green and environmental protection-related activities
  • Actively participate in public affairs of local community

5.       Health & safety policy 

  • Avoid using toxic and dangerous chemicals
  • Healthy and comfortable indoor environment (temperature, humidity, wind speed) with
    regular monitoring

6.       Employee Management

  • Employees develop habits for effective use of resources (such as turning off the lights, exhaust
    fans, and air conditioning when vacating areas)
  • Employees fully understand the extent of corporate environmental policy
  • Provide training courses

7.       Government Policies

  • Government is pushing hotel industry to adapt sustainable practices
  • Government inspectors frequently check the sustainable practices of hotels
  • Government provides incentives for implement green practices in hotel industry

Supply chain performance include:

1. Economic Performance

  • Sustainable practices significantly increase Sales & Capital investments
  • Sustainable practices significantly decrease Operating expenditures
  • Sustainable practices significantly increase new market opportunities

  2. Competitiveness

  • Sustainable practices significantly increase Efficiency
  • Sustainable practices significantly increase Quality
  • Sustainable practices significantly increase Customer satisfaction

Moreover, am  a sample project that has the same subject for your information also.

Attachment:- Sustainable practices of hotel supply chains Survey.xlsx

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Reference no: EM13563195

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