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Write a console program that will ask the user for an item number in the inventory and display the name of that item. Stay in a loop so that the user may enter the item number multiple times. Use the letter E to exit the application. Show an error message if item is not in the inventory. Here are the inventory numbers with their item names...Comments/description of lines greatly appreciated in order to understand code better.







Reference no: EM13159688

Examining a case study

Welcome to the MATT project case study. The goals of the project were to engineer a software product that automated testing of real time system models built on the MatrixX p

Create a new layer and explore ways to draw

Create a new layer and explore ways to draw and paint using what you learned to ‘posterize' parts of your work by using the Live Trace tool and any other tools you would lik

Write a matlab program that uses the switch structure

To start a weight W moving on a horizontal surface, you must push with a force F, where F = μW. Write a MATLAB program that uses the switch structure to compute the force F.

Question regarding the changes in jet fuel prices

An airline knows it will need to buy 100 million barrels of jet fuel 6 months from now. Of course, if the price of jet fuel increases, the airline will be in trouble. Suppos

Dead-weight loss owing to the imposition

What is the net effect of the tax on the market of sporting guns? Specifically, calculate the dead-weight loss owing to the imposition of the tax on sporting guns. Clearly s

How the balance between these two sets of data varies

Report on the statistical information that is being gathered by taxis and the passenger source; also on taxi idle time and missed pickups. Experiment with different numbers

Hospital management project

Using Microsoft Project 2007/2010 tool, draw Gantt Chart for " Hospital Management Project ",showing the Task name (Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) )and the duration of each ta

Determine the net income of a comparable

Determine the net income of a "comparable" firm based on the following information: value of target firm = $4,000,000; net income of target firm = $200,000; stock price of


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