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The SLP for this final module in the course involves the ongoing issue of the alignment of business strategy and IT strategy.

Eric Berkman (2001, January 24), Why we''re still talking about alignment, CIO Magazine. Retrieved from http://www.cio.com.au/article/38724/why_we_re_still_talking_about_alignment/

IT University of Goteborg (2013), Aligning IT Strategy with Business Strategy Through The Balanced Scorecard, Retrieved from http://www.techrepublic.com/whitepapers/aligning-it-strategy-with-business-strategy-through-the-balanced-scorecard/287956

Allan Holmes (2007, January 1) The ROI of Alignment. CIO Online. Retrieved from http://www.cio.com/article/27969/The_ROI_of_Alignment

When you''ve read through the articles and perused relevant items from the Background Readings and other sources that you may have located, please compose a short (4-5 page) paper on the topic:

Agree or disagree: An IT strategy focused on maintaining a cutting-edge technology position is the most effective way to support any kind of overall business strategy.

Take a position one way or the other, and defend it with appropriate arguments and references.

Submit your paper upon completion.

Use information from the modular background readings as well as any good quality resource you can find. Please cite all sources and provide a reference list at the end of your paper.


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The learning achieved from analysis of the journals along with other information and knowledge gathered from relevant resources have been used for analysis and discussion of the topic of "An IT strategy focused on maintaining a cutting-edge technology position is the most effective way to support any kind of overall business strategy."

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Table of Contents

Introduction 2
Analysis and Discussion 2
Conclusion 5
References 6


The following report will focus upon providing a brief discussion regarding the specific topic of how an information technology (IT) strategy that is focused upon maintenance of advanced technology is best suited for supporting of overall business strategies. For this specific purpose three journal articles have been selected and analyzed. The overall information and data obtained from analysis of the journal articles along with other relevant data and information have been used to focus upon an argumentative discussion in relation to the selected research topic or area.

Analysis and Discussion
From the overall analysis of the provided journal it can be said that or agreed that information technology (IT) strategies significantly have a potential and positive impact or influences on the aspect of business strategies of an organization. Emphasizing upon the technological advancements in the present day age, it can be observed that information technology (IT) has dramatically changed or altered the overall global business landscapes (Andriole, 2010). It is evident that the overall organizational business strategies and cultures significantly shapes the utilization of information technology (IT), the overall influence is seen to be much more stronger in a way that is other way round. From the overall analysis and findings it can be highly agreed that information technology (IT) can significantly impact or affect the overall strategic options available to an organization along with facilitating the creation of issues and opportunities which the managers are needed to address in context of different business aspects. Therefore it can be well agreed that information technology (IT) strategy that is focused upon maintenance of advanced technology is best suited for supporting of overall business strategies. In relation to the impacts of information technology (IT) on business strategy, it has been observed that it significantly crates or generates ne sets of opportunities in turns of introduction of high levels of innovation and creativity in terms of the services and products. In this context, it can be said that information technology (IT) facilities the delivery of services over networks rather than delivering them in persons, thereby facilitating organizations in implementation of advanced business and market strategies for the purpose of catering to the needs and requirements of the customers.

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