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You need to prepare a research paper

Title: The Slab Waveguide

Title :( The Slab Waveguide ). I want my research includes Title* , Abstract**, Introduction talk about just the slab waveguide*** main topic****, some graphs with enough explain*****, Conclusion******, and Reference

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Reference no: EM13713461

Find the voltage vab between points pa and pb

If point charges of value +2[nC] are located at the pointsP1(2,2,-1)[m]and P2(1,-2,1)[m],respectively, find the voltage Vab betweenpoints Pa(2,3,1)[m] and Pb(-1,2,2)[m] by u

Which would expect to have a bigger effect on cmos circuit

Which would you expect to have a bigger effect on the power consumption of a CMOS circuit, a 5% increase in power-supply voltage or a 5% increase in internal and load capaci

Calculate the power required for the field as a percentage

Two dc motors are compared. the first one is a 4hp dc motor which draws a current or 0.7A when the field is connected to a 150V source. the second, a 600 hp motor draws a fi

Estimate the magnitude of the electron drift current density

Consider a p-type Si sample with a resistivity of 0.5 cm. The doping level is uniform throughout. In a certain portion of this sample, there is an electric field of a magnit

Calculate the flux density of the field

A straight conductor, 8 cm long, is moved with a constant velocity at right angles to a magnetic field. If the emf induced in the conductor is 40 mV, and its velocity is 10

Find out what line code digital communications uses

Choose a product or technology that uses base band digital communi- cations and find out what line code it uses. You may not choose RS-232 serial links or similar, or Ethern

Coefficient of kinetic friction

In the system shown below Block A has a mass of 15kg and Block B has mass 5k2. It is measured that the tension in the cable is 40N. Determine the acceleration of Block A and

How to apply a theorem or law of boolean algrebra

Each time you apply a theorem or law of boolean algrebra, mark your paper clearly to indicate which terms were used to add or delete other terms, or indicate which terms wer


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