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You need to prepare a research paper

Title: The Slab Waveguide

Title :( The Slab Waveguide ). I want my research includes Title* , Abstract**, Introduction talk about just the slab waveguide*** main topic****, some graphs with enough explain*****, Conclusion******, and Reference

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Reference no: EM13713461

Find the total resistance and the current

constructed using standard value resistors a. Without making a single calculation, which resistive element will have the most voltage across it Which will have the least b. Wh

Does the sampling rate meet nyquist condition

A continuous time system, describes by y(t) = 5 Cos (2*pi*20*t+pi/2), is sampled at rate 320 Hz. a) Write the mathematical expression that describes the discrete time (sampled

Find what is real power consumed by the impedance

Find the real power and reactive power dissipated in an impedance Z = 2 ohm at zero degree carrying a current of I = 6 + j8 A. What is real power consumed by the impedance

What would be the transmission and reflection coefficients

derive and determine the transmission reflection coefficients for a particle traveling with an energy (a) 2ev and (b) 20ev. If the block is given infinite potential and the

Create and graph the pairwise convolution of the functions

Using MatLab, create and graph the pairwise convolution of the following functions (i.e., A must be convolved with B, C, D, and E, individually. B must be convolved with C,

Explain how a parity checker would also have detected error

Given 4 Bytes of hexadecimal data: 34H, 62H, 43H, and 17H. 1.Find the checksum byte. 2. Perform the checksum operation to ensure data integrity (add the 5 Bytes showing sum eq

Find the speed of the motor for a line current of 20 a

A 230 V DC series motor has an armature circuit resistance of 0.2 and a eld circuit resistance of 0.1. At rated voltage, the motor draws a line current of 40A and runs at a

Derive an expression for the sensitivity of sensor

our boss asks you to contruct a temperature sensorfor measuring the ambient temp outside (-30degreee celcius


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