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You need to prepare a research paper

Title: The Slab Waveguide

Title :( The Slab Waveguide ). I want my research includes Title* , Abstract**, Introduction talk about just the slab waveguide*** main topic****, some graphs with enough explain*****, Conclusion******, and Reference

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Reference no: EM13713461

What should be the correct logic levels on a7-a3

A given peripheral has 3 address lines (allowing access to 8 internal addresses) and requires that address lines A2-A0 to be used. It is desired that this peripheral occupy

Create a 512-length signal by using the rand command

create a 512-length signal by using the rand command, then low-pass filter the signal with the filter h=1/2[1 1] to bandlimit the function, which can be represented with by

Estimate the value of the input offset voltage

A particular inverting amplifier with nominal gain of -100 V/V uses an imperfect op amp in conjunction with 100-k ohm and 10-M ohm resistors. The output voltage is found to

What is the slope of the low-frequency asymptote

Consider the Bode magnitude plot for the transfer function of a certain filter given by H(f) = Vout/Vin = 50(j(f/200)/1+ j(f/200))- What is the slope of the low-frequency asym

Design a circuit using pspice to bias an mosfet transistor

DESIGN a circuit using PSPICE, to bias an MbreakN3 MOSFET transistor from the BREAKOUT library at a drain current of 1mA. Use a single supply voltage of 20V and compare all

Find out the voltage that must be applied to high voltages

Find out the voltage that must be applied to the high voltage winding in order to provide rated voltage at the load under full-load conditions at 0.80 lagging power factor.

Find amount of salt in the tank at end of an additional time

After 10 min the process is stopped, and fresh water is poured into the tank at a rate of 8 gal/min, with the mixture again leaving at the same rate. Find the amount of salt

Display at least five time constants

Plot iL(t) versus time when iL(0) = 0 A. (a) Solve using Multisim. In Multisim use the exponential voltage source, and set its initial value to 15 V and the pulsed value to


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