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Participants demonstrate their advanced theoretical specialized knowledge of corporate governance and social responsibility through submission of a written academic paper (literature review). They demonstrate their integrated understanding of professional ethical frameworks, as well as providing an analysis of managerial ethical reasoning and perception. Students apply theories, principles and methodologies to access relevant academic journal material and conduct a focused literature review. Students critically analyze, reflect on and synthesize complex ideas and information, and demonstrate specialized knowledge of relevance to contemporary professional practice.

Using a single international organization of your choice, select two strategic issues that international firms perceive as important factors (e.g. economic, social, cultural, legal and technological and so on) in addressing corporate social responsibility issues and evaluate them from various theoretical perspectives

Select any international organization

Select two strategic issues in addressing corporate social responsibility (any issue like- economic, social, cultural, legal and technological) and evaluate them from various theoretical perspectives.

Referencing style- APA 6th

Select any applicablebelow Theories in assignment as follows-

Some theory material in slides to assist your writing as belows

Moral Questions in Business.

- Are products healthful or harmful?
- Are work conditions safe or dangerous?
- Are personnel procedures biased or fair?
- Is privacy respected or invaded?

These are all matters that seriously affect human well-being at work, and they are explored in this course.

Remember -"Society has a broader range of interests than business"

- Key Issue: What exactly is the nature of these very different economic systems ?
- Understand their values, the way they operate, and their moral foundation.
- How the work is done and who does it
- How goods and wealth are distributed
- Moral aspects of how economic distribution and justice are accomplished within society and the world

- 1500 words (excluding references and appendices)Project

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Keeping in mind the enormous pressure that revolves in and around the corporate social reason ability, without considering the accounting as discipline, the main question is not whether the corporations engage in this concept but the best way through which the initiatives could be achieved and craft the programs of the corporate social responsibility since it reflects the business values of the company on one hand and addresses social, humanitarian and environmental challenges on the other.

Reference no: EM131221248

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The companies you can select is Coca cola or Mcdonald Please select any company on which you can get maximum CSR related issues( economic, political, social etc) e.g. Mcdonald- obesity issue among people due to consumption of mcdonald food chips burgers food etc.. coca cola- in india water deficiency for consumption, but water instead of providing for drinking to people is provided to company drinks making business( case on internet) as well health related concerns for drink and so on... Please select any company on which you can get more CSR related literature...corporate social responsibility issues with the any 1 company from above.

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