Issues impacting early childhood education

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Early childhood education policy has been discussed at great length. You will apply that information in a case scenario. As an early childhood professional, you have been asked to speak to a group of state policy makers about early childhood education issues in your state.

Identify five current trends or issues impacting early childhood education in your state. For each trend/issue, identify research that would provide insight into a solution for the issue.

Determine a brief policy recommendation for each of the five trends/issues.

Present the trends/issues, research, and policy recommendations in a 1-2 page document that can be used as a speech appropriate for State policy makers.

Include a reference page using APA citations.


Reference no: EM131188578

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I am in Wisconsin. So that is the state that should be used thanks and this is an early childhood education class.Ass a reference page using APA citations.

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