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There are many issues affecting organizations today (such as employee retention, flexible work schedule, contingent workforce, talent management, work-life balance). Select one of these issues and discuss how it integrates to at least two of the functional areas of HRM that you have learned about (T & D, Recruiting/Selection, Performance/Evaluation, Compensation & Benefits, etc.).

In your post, include at least three reasons why this issue is important to organizations.

Reference no: EM13738908

Will this negatively impact your current strategy

What cultural considerations should you take into account for your strategy? Will this negatively impact your current strategy? Does this change your approach? Why or why not?

Describe the use of evidence-based design in health care

Imagine that you feel strongly that you should use evidence-based design for your building or renovation project, but many of your stakeholders are unsure about this approac

Propose a plan for your personal leadership growth

Propose a plan for your personal leadership growth and development over the next five years. Be specific, include courses of study, lateral career assignments, mentor relati

Attitudes from the background materials

Review the main personality traits and attitudes from the background materials, and think about how these apply to your two coworkers. Then write a 3-page paper addressing t

Problem regarding employees intrinsic interest

Although rewards can be motivating, they can reduce employees' intrinsic interest in the tasks they are doing. Along these lines, Mark Lepper of Stanford University found th

Why is human resources important

Physical resources is important because the business needs to ensure the equipment are correctly fitted and products are highly standard so that the business increase sales.

Various codes regarding discretionary employee benefits

Analyze the various codes and acts regarding discretionary employee benefits and determine which code or law has had the greatest impact on the largest number of organizatio

Examine the skills gap analysis and performance evaluation

Describe the overview of the Performance Management Process.Explain the job analysis.Examine the skills gap analysis and performance evaluation.Assess counseling for exception


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