Issue of the governments role in health care

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One of the most controversial topics that we will encounter in this course is the issue of the government’s role in health care, and it is the discussion topic for this unit.

Some Americans feel strongly that our private enterprise, entrepreneurial model of medicine serves us best in this country and that we should limit government involvement wherever possible. However, the shortcomings of our current health care delivery system have changed some minds on this point over recent years. This is particularly true when so many Americans are facing “medical bankruptcy” today as the result of medical bills beyond their capacity to pay. There is more and more sentiment that some sort of federal National Health Service (NHS), like the models of Canada, England, and Germany, might be in order.

The term “socialized medicine” brings with it all kinds of negative connotations. We envision long lines waiting to see a doctor or to undergo testing. But a growing number of Americans feel that they may be ready to take the negatives that come with government involvement in health care in order to finally have financial protection in the event of a family medical crisis.

Where do you stand on this issue? Should we have a National Health Service model in the U.S.? Why, or why not?

Reference no: EM13306724

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