Issue of spatial distribution of the chosen activity
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Assessment Task - Applied Essay: Spatial analysis

Outline: This Assessment task involves theoretical understandings of spatial distribution and spatial analysis in essay should be based on the literature and economic or spatial theories. Your essay is required to include a literature review section that can explain the distribution of the economic activities explored in your essay (This is related with marking criterion A below). Then, outline spatial distribution of activities in the topic that you have chosen. Topical areas for this assignment may include, but not limited to: property prices distribution, socio-economic indicators, particular socio-economic groups, infrastructure, infrastructure, producer services, ethnic enclaves, land use conversion and industrial location. Your essay should explore how the activities are spatially located. You may also investigate how and why the activities have been evolved spatially and historically, if necessary. This assignment is intended to assess your learning from the entire course and the ability to apply this to a city. When you present, active use of maps are necessary. Appropriate use of map generation tools, such as ArcGIS and AURIN Portal (http://aurin.org.au/), is highly encouraged.

Assessment criteria will be based on how well you address the assessment topic, your linking of the essay material to the lectures and readings, the quality of your economic and analytical insights, your sourcing of material relevant to the problem, and your written, visual expression.

Possible structure of your essay is to include an introduction, a literature review, presentation of the economic activities, and discussions/conclusions.

A. Qualify of Arguments: This relates to your ability to consider the issue of spatial distribution of the chosen activity. Clear understandings of the literature and relevant economic and spatial theories.

B. Quality of Evidence: This relates to your ability to support your arguments with appropriate and suitable data, evidence, maps and/or examples, you will need to consult appropriate and credible research materials such as books, book chapters, academic journal articles, government documents, and newspaper articles Active use of maps that are coherently linked to your arguments.

Assessment - Spatial analysis

Outline spatial distribution of activities in your chosen area. Discuss:

  • How activities are spatially located.
  • How has this changed over time / across space?
  • Topics include: transport networks, infrastructure, producer services, ethnic enclaves, industrial location, property price distribution etc.
  • Your analysis must include a discussion of relevant economic theories taught in this course.
  • Present your research / information using maps (AURIN / AreGIS / other sources)
  • Tip: Think about what economic theories you want to discuss in your essay before you select the activity and area

Assessment - Spatial analysis

-Infrastructure Victoria - Current and Future State Analysis

  • Demographic trends
  • Social trends
  • Environmental trends
  • Economic trends

Assessment - Spatial analysis

-Economic concepts

1. Demand, supply (and their determinants)

2. Externality

3. Agglomeration economies

4. Location choice and accessibility / Bid rent theory.

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    Total 2200 words, the city for this assignment should be Victoria. All theories should be applied to Victoria City. If you want any other documents please tell me.

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