Is violence nihilistic or simply politics by other means

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1. Asymmetrical violence (including terrorism) has historically accompanied eras of global economic expansion and rapid technological change. How might the technologies and movements of goods, people, and money that power globalization also inspire violence? What steps can be taken to mitigate reactionary movements to the forces of globalization? Is this violence nihilistic or simply "politics by other means"? How are economics likely to drive conflict in the future? in your answer, discuss global conflict from the end of the Cold War to the present.

2. How would the global risk calculus of individuals, organizations, and governments shift if a weapon of mass destruction were detonated in a heavily populated city? The likelihood of such an event is high according to experts around the globe. Would such an event promote closer cooperation between countries in fighting the spread of WMDs or would it drive countries further apart and back within their sovereign borders?

Reference no: EM131255699

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