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For a consumer, the marginal utility of good A is 25 and its price is $5. The marginal utility of good B is 60 and its price is $12. The consumer has allocated his entire budget. Is this consumer maximizing his total utility? Explain your answer.

Reference no: EM13946090

Indicate amino acid residues contained transmembrane portion

Below is the sequence of an integral membrane protein. This sequence contains two regions of 20 amino acids each that form membrane-spanning portions of the protein.

The experiments by miller and urey

1.   The experiments by Miller and Urey, in which methane, ammonia, hydrogen gases were placed in a closed chamber with circulating water vapor and electricity, generated: An

What metabolic feature of the bacterium is useful to plant

What is the metabolic exchange between rhizobia and their plant hosts? What does the plant provide in addition to carbon and how does leghemoglobin play a role in this? What

The dna sequence of a gene encoding a hypothetica

The following amino acid sequence was derived from the DNA sequence of a gene encoding a hypothetical type I integral plasma membrane protein. (The • merely indicate ever

What is the advantage of separating many cellular functions

A eukaryotic cell has organelles that compartmentalize cellular functions. (Incidentally, bacteria do not have organelles.) What is the primary compartment which distinguish

Law of mendel the monohybrid cross demonstrate

1. Which law of Mendel's does the monohybrid cross demonstrate, and which law does the dihybrid cross demonstrate? 2. What happens to the alleles during gamete formation for e

Explain the concept of a gene resulting

Explain the concept of a gene resulting from the work of Mendel, and use it to explain the appearance of labradoodles. Keep in mind not all dogs are Labradors or poodles.

Explain how the glycerol is produced

explain how the glycerol is produced and why only one net molecule of ATP is produced. What enzyme(s) do you think we can target to kill trypanosomes with minimum side effec


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