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1. Why should we have a minimum wage? What is the goal(s) of the minimum wage and does the FLSA accomplish this goal? What are some of the common problems that arise under the FLSA?

2. Is there a standard procedure for dismissal at any place that you have been employed? Describe the procedure.

3. An age-old question is "Does structure follow strategy or does strategy follow structure?" The new, successful firms appear to be on-line driven. They never really developed or wanted to develop a brick and mortar strategy. Is this truly the future, the destiny of retail and many other industries?

Reference no: EM132280786

Assisting the researcher in fully understanding legal issues

Objectives: Appreciation for the value of consulting secondary resources in assisting the researcher in fully understanding legal issues; in assisting the researcher in furthe

Outline the basic planning process for the organization

Outline the basic planning process for the organization, and describes how the three levels of management influence this process. Explain why the quality, productivity, and p

Paper recycling company converts newspaper-mixed paper

A paper recycling company converts newspaper, mixed paper, white office paper, and cardboard into pulp for newspring, packaging paper, and print stock quality paper. The follo

Decided to adopt new policy providing binding rules

Compare the following sets of message openers. Circle the letter of the opener that illustrates a direct opening.  It has come to our attention that some sta? members write bl

Despite some of the business challenges

Despite some of the business challenges that you identified about your chosen country, you decided to move ahead and open an office in the financial center of this country.

Short-term scheduling

Stan's Furniture Refinishers has 7 items of furniture to sand first and then varnish using the sending and varnishing machines, respectively. The items and their times on thes

Which common biases of judgmental forecasting

Give a scenario related to healthcare work experience in which a judgmental forecasting method would be used. Which particular judgmental forecasting method (or methods) would

Perform internet search to find specific diversity policy

Perform an Internet search to find a specific diversity policy for an organization. What is the organization? What is their policy? From what you know of the organization, do


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