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Write a 3- 4-page paper

(Times New Roman 12, double spaced, 1 inch margins) that discusses the company in sufficient detail that will allow you to explain to an audience what this company is all about. You may use the internet, annual reports, business periodicals, and other sources of information to develop your paper/presentation. MLA format.

You should incorporate into your paper various aspects of the organization, such as:

* The name of the business organization
* Does it have a website presence? If so, what is its URL (its web address)?
* Briefly describe a history of the company, and its international presence
* Where is its headquarters?
* How many employees does this business have? * Who are the top executives of this organization?
* What is the mission of this company?
* Give an overview of the business(es) this organization is involved in.
* What types of products and services does this business sell?
* What customer markets is this organization trying to reach?
* What does their advertising message try to get across to the marketplace?
* How well financially is this business doing? How much net profit (or loss) did this business experience over the past 3 years?
* Is there any recent, major news about this company?
* What do you believe the prospects are for this company in the future? Do you think they will be able to grow their business or do you see some difficulties ahead?

Reference no: EM131199470

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