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Science-fiction movies that deal with time travel-such as the 1984 classic The Terminator and its sequels-often find themselves wrestling with questions of fate and free will. Is there a fixed path from past to future, or do our individual momentary decisions shift and twist the course of human events? What people believe about the effects and consequences of their actions is part of the larger picture of what motivates individuals and makes them who they are. In this Discussion, you will consider your philosophy about destiny and try to persuade your colleagues to adopt a similar point of view.

To complete this Dis cussion:

Post: Some people believe that they can control their destinies. They have been labelled 'internals'. Others believe that their destiny is predetermined or controlled by outside forces. They are called 'externals'.

Choose one of these two extremes, the one closest to your own beliefs, and try to convince your classmates that this is the right philosophy of life. During the Discussion, try to disprove the opinion of the students sharing the opposite view.

Respond: Respond to your colleagues.

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Reference no: EM13660788

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