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Cost Allocation Concepts

1. Is it "fair" for the Dialysis Center to suffer in profitability, and hence for the department head to possibly lose his bonus, just because the Outpatient Clinic needs additional space?

2. In the past, the medical center aggregated all facility costs and then allocated the total amount
on the basis of square footage. This methodology assigned an average cost rate to each patient service department, regardless of whether its space is new or old, or prime or poor. The proposed allocation for the Dialysis Center, on the other hand, requires it to bear the true facility costs of its new space. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the new methodology? Do you support the new allocation scheme?

3. If the new allocation method for facility costs is implemented, what should be the facility allocation to the Dialysis Center in 20 years, when the loan (which is the basis for the higher cost allocation) has been paid off and there are no longer any actual facility costs?

4. Explain how the revenue from medical (pharmacy) supplies is currently handled for profit and loss reporting purposes. Is there a problem with the current system? Is there a better way of reporting this revenue? If so, what is it?

5. When all issues related to the decision are considered, what is your recommendation regarding the final allocation amounts?

Reference no: EM131018931

Measurement in financial statements

What are two possible attributes to be measured when an item is to be included in financial state- ments? What unit of money is used to measure items in the United States?

Ethical requirements imposed on businesses

Reflect upon the ethical requirements imposed on businesses by the law and society. Sarbanes Oxley was enacted in response to widespread ethics violations. Do publicly trade

Which method portray more accurately actual use of the asset

Compute the depreciation expense for 2009 and 2010, first using the straight-line method, then the activity method. Which method portrays more accurately the actual use of

Flexible budgeting problem

The cost formula for the maintenance department of Rainbow, Ltd., is $12,600 per month plus $4.50 per machine hour used by the production department.

Concept of capitalized lease liability

The rounded present value of an ordinary annuity for nine years at 9% is 6.0. What amount should N report as capitalized lease liability at December 31, 2009?

In-process research and development

What is the appropriate accounting treatment for the value assigned to an in-process research and development acquired in a business combination?

What is the target cost

a. What is the target cost? By how much will Pizza Pies need to cut costs in order to achieve the target cost? b. Identify places in the Pizza Pies Limited value chain where p

Evaluate the efficiency of engine

Evaluate the efficiency of this engine for the case V2 = 3Vl, P2 2Pl. Calculate the efficiency of an "ideal" engine operating between the same temperature extremes.


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