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Essay #1 Monism and Vedanta

• Monism is the notion that there is only one type of being, for instance the claim that only water truly exists is a monistic claim. So are the claims that it is only spirit or ideas which exist. (Therefore, monists can be, but are not necessarily, materialists.)

• Substantival monism is the idea that there is only one type of being and that all diversity is ultimately illusory. This is the form of monism found in Hinduism.

o The Vedanta view (in the Upanisads) also rejects the idea of materialism: not only is everything one, but the most fundamental part of existence is NOT material!

Essay #1: For this assignment, explain the Vedanta philosophy, and conclude by discussing your view of these ideas. Be sure to use quotes from the Upanisads to illustrate the points you want to make.

• Use/Explain the terms moksha, karma, maya, dharma, rita, samsara, atman, Brahman in your response.

• Introduce quotes from the Upanisads and then explain and interpret them in relation to your discussion. Cite using in text citations. (Author p#)

• Is the Vedanta philosophy reasonable? Does it accurately describe reality? Why or why not?

0 Consider the notion of a higher or "transcendental" reality. Could it be true that there is an "immaterial" realm, or do you agree with the materialist view?

What about the idea of monism? Could everything really be "One" in spite of appearances? In what ways does this seem true/untrue? Is the concept useful?

Other questions to consider

• What purpose might be served by sharing conceptions of a spiritual realm or transcendental reality? What effect do these ideas have on society?

• If one accepts the monist's claim (that all is one), how does this influence his/her outlook on what is moral or right?

• How does a belief in the transcendental help human beings to decide how to act?

• In what ways does it make sense to claim that "all is one" ?

In what ways does it not make sense to claim that "all is one" ?

• In what ways does it make sense to claim that there is an "unknowable" realm?

o In what ways does it not make sense?

• What do you think causes people to come up with ideas like this?

***Stay focused on a main idea - do not simply list your answers to these questions. The goal is to show that your premises actually support a particular conclusion.

"** You do not have to answer every question! Write a coherent essay which reflects your understanding of and views on the material.

Reference no: EM131210676

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