Is the study design appropriate to address research question

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1. Is the study design appropriate to address the research question? Does the method actually test the hypotheses?

2. If the aim is to test causal hypotheses, are the research methods utilized appropriate or not?

3. If causal relationships are tested, what alternative explanations or competing theories could there be that the authors did not rule out? Describe any potential biases that you can think of due to reverse causality or confounding factors. Would they lead to an overestimation or an underestimation of the studied relationships? Explain why/how.

Article - Association of Indoor Tanning Frequency with Risky Sun Protection Practices and Skin Cancer Screening.

Attachment:- Article.rar

Reference no: EM131298428

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The assignment is to critique the attached article i sent you along with answering these questions. Answers do not have to be in paragraph form because I will be presenting the answers in a powerpoint to the class.

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