Is the rhythm an important part of the piece

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Question: View the video above, Jimi Hendrix "Fire" Live at Stockholm Sweden 1969. You are supposed to use your knowledge gained in class by including in your report your opinion about the instruments used in the clip, information about the composer (Jimi Hendrix) and the elements of music of this clip. Please include at least 500 words in your report and be original. This is an opinion report, please do not include facts but your opinion based on your web research.

• Is the melody easy to remember?

• Can you hear more than one major themes in this work? If so, could you elaborate a bit

• Is the harmony consonant or dissonant?

• Does the harmony determine how one perceives the music or it is determined by other elements? Please elaborate

• Is the rhythm an important part of this piece?

• What colors (emotions) you can described as you listen to this movement?

• Is the texture (the instruments used) rich or thin at some points? Please elaborate

• Can you hear an underlying story to the music?

• Can you hear a basic structure in this movement?

• What is your personal opinion on this musical clip?

Video: Jimi Hendrix "Fire" Live In Stockholm Sweden 1969 (By MindsiMedia Home)

Reference no: EM132184979

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