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You have obtained the following data from a gauge R&R study. The gauge is properly calibrated and the operators are trained. Operator 1 Operator 1 Operator 2 Operator 2 Part Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 1 Trial 2 1 1.005 1.004 1.004 1.004 2 1.006 1.003 1.003 1.005 3 1.008 1.010 1.009 1.008 4 1.015 1.013 1.012 1.012 5 1.014 1.014 1.012 1.014 6 1.007 1.005 1.006 1.005 7 1.015 1.013 1.015 1.016 8 1.005 1.002 1.004 1.005 9 1.008 1.007 1.008 1.008 10 1.010 1.012 1.014 1.013 a) Calculate EV. b) Calculate OV. c) Calculate RR. d) Given that the tolerance for the measurement is 1.010 ± 0.015, calculate RR as a percent of tolerance. e) Is the measurement system acceptable? Explain.

Reference no: EM131283814

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