Is the crash related to the depression that followed and how

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Why did the October 1929 Stock Market Crash happen? (Crashes have happened before and afterwards). Why is 1929 so important and studied? Is the crash related to the depression that followed and how? What caused the Great Depression? Did Herbert Hoover respond to the economic disaster? How did Hoover respond? Explain.

Please use the attached chapter as your main source and write an essay equivalent to 1.5 pages, typed, double-spaced (approximately. 350 words - with substance)

• Outside sources may be used but they should supplement, not replace, the attached chapter. Do not use encyclopedias, Wikipedia,,,,, or other similar sites. If using outside sources, make certain they are appropriate for academic and scholarly use.

• Support all answers with citations and references. Citations and bibliographic references are to be in the University of Chicago/Turabian style. For works in history, foot-notes or end-notes are required. (Avoid social science parenthetical citations: e.g., Burke, 2009).

• END Notes and a Bibliography are REQUIRED with at least one citation. Use the attached chapter in the Bibliography.

Reference no: EM131389939

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