Is leadership essential to development of ethical decision

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Research Essay (2000 words)

Think of writing this research essay as participating in a debate. You are required to choose one of the following three Topics (Topics 1, 2 or 3) and argue either in the affirmative (for) or the negative (against). In arguing your case you are required to anticipate the response from the alternative argument and counter those arguments in your essay.

Topic 1: Is leadership essential to the development of ethical decision making in modern organisations?
Topic 2: Which normative theory of ethics is most relevant to modern organisations?
Topic 3: In a Trump (post-truth) world, does ethics have role?

Use at least 12 references:

- AT LEAST 6 academic journal articles
- 6 other quality references .

Attachment:- Essay_Writing.pdf

Reference no: EM131358710

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