Is it acceptable under the applicable laws and regulations

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Question: Write 4-page paper including reference page for a Decision-Making Model to Resolving an Ethical Issue. You can write your own story but it has to be cited.

This model can be used to address ethical dilemmas. When confronted with an ethical dilemma these models serve as guidance for achieving an ethical response.

You will choose a case from the Beyond Integrity book and then follow a "classic decision-making" process for resolving the issue

The PLUS Ethics Decision Making Model

Ethics Resource Center. Retrieved 08/08/06 from ethics\Ethics Toolkit the PLUS Ethical Decision Making Method.htm

1. Step 1: Define the problem PLUS

• P = Policies

Is it consistent with my organization's policies, procedures and guidelines?

• L= Legal

Is it acceptable under the applicable laws and regulations?

• U = Universal

Does it conform to the universal principles/values my organization has adopted?

• S= Self

Does it satisfy my personal definition of right, good and fair?

2. Step 2: Identify alternatives

3. Step 3: Evaluate the alternatives PLUS

4. Step 4: Make the decision

5. Step 5: Implement the decision

6. Step 6: Evaluate the decision PLUS

Reference no: EM132279706

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