Is his boss statement true why or why not

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Read the following case studies and thoroughly answer the questions that follow in at least one paragraph each. Be sure to explain the reasoning behind your answer.

Case Study 1

After being unemployed for 5 months, Gary obtains a job at Widget Industries. In his new role, he will be a plant supervisor during third shift. After only being on the job for a few days, Gary notices that there seems to be quite a few safety issues. He reports the issues to his boss; however, his boss brushes him off and tells him to worry about production and not about the safety. His boss claims, "It is up to the individual employees to keep themselves safe, not Widget Industries."

Is his boss's statement true? Why or why not?

If Gary feels as though the there is a safety concern that the company will not address, where should he turn? What should he do?

Case Study 2

Your reading included an article about the Toyota recall. After reading the facts of that case, what advice would you give to Toyota on how to properly handle the faulty auto equipment?

Reference no: EM13863001

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