Is constitutional amendment asserted actually implicated

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We have to do a presentation in class on one case for 10 to 20 min with my friend.

this the case : u.s v. velasquez, 885 F.2d 1076 (3d Cir. 1989). 1 Comments:

1. Presentation of Facts

a. Clarity

b. Depth of knowledge/information

c. Creativity (bells & whistles)

2. Identifying the Constitutional Issues

a. Accuracy: Is the Constitutional Amendment asserted actually implicated?

b. Understanding of Constitutional issues

3 Discussion of Balance Between Public Safety vs. Individual Due Process

a. Student's Opinion

b. Current Public Opinion

c. Actual or anticipated judicial opinion

4 Overall Quality

a. Time invested

b. Information provided

c. Presentation

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Reference no: EM13831656

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