Is constitutional amendment asserted actually implicated
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We have to do a presentation in class on one case for 10 to 20 min with my friend.

this the case : u.s v. velasquez, 885 F.2d 1076 (3d Cir. 1989). 1 Comments:

1. Presentation of Facts

a. Clarity

b. Depth of knowledge/information

c. Creativity (bells & whistles)

2. Identifying the Constitutional Issues

a. Accuracy: Is the Constitutional Amendment asserted actually implicated?

b. Understanding of Constitutional issues

3 Discussion of Balance Between Public Safety vs. Individual Due Process

a. Student's Opinion

b. Current Public Opinion

c. Actual or anticipated judicial opinion

4 Overall Quality

a. Time invested

b. Information provided

c. Presentation


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Duman the agent of Drug enforcement Agency, when performing patrolling identified the Ford car in which Velasquez and her companion are travelling is speeding at speeds higher than the allowed speeds.

With subsequent questioning of Velasquez and her companion Terselich, Durnan got contradicting information and replies and taken them into custody for further questioning and subsequent enquiry.

Before that he asked the Velasquez whether the car contain any contraband and he got negative reply that the vehicle does not contain any contraband, but still based on the contradicting information received Duman taken them for state police troop 6.

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