Is compound symmetry a reasonable model

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So we should use the repeated measures model for this data, i.e., to consider the split plot diets as three repeated measures. A. The book has a program on page 153 for this, but the program was written is an unusual way. The subject should be mouse. So how should we dene mouse in the data? B. The book used compound symmetry (cs) for the diet correlation. Why? C. Is cs a reasonable model? Can you nd a better one?

Reference no: EM13152807

Economics and finance

What is the probability that all three believe their employer will hire additional people in the coming year?- What is the probability that at least one believes that her empl

Go to the market data section

Go to the Market Data section and then to Rates & Bonds, and you can click on a country to review its interest rates. Review the 1-year yields of currencies. Assume that you

Staffing plan for the next several year

The University is attempting to set its staffing plan for the next several year, and it wants to determine if the distribution of students among various graduate majors has

Writing scores for the population having standard deviation

If the writing scores for the population have a standard deviation of σ = 20, does the sample provide enough evidence to conclude that the new composition course has a signi

Are mean annual attendance rates same for employees

The sample sizes are unequal. Research question: Are the mean annual attendance rates the same for employees in these three departments?

Describe the p-value of the test statistic

Let p represent the population proportion of all numbers in the corporate file that have a first nonzero digit of 1. Test the claim that p is less than 0.301 by using What i

Performing the appropriate hypothesis test

She then selects a sample of 102 football players and finds that their average math SAT is 460. Use alpha =.01 to perform the appropriate hypothesis test.

Domain of discourse

Let P(x,y) be x has been to y, where the domain of discourse for x is all students in this class, and the domain of discourse for y is all countries in the world. Express th


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